Military surplus firearms, ammunition, gear and equipment that are requested by collectors and shooting enthusiasts are the core business of MCT Defense.  MCT Defense has become one of the premier sources for exporting military surplus guns and related equipment to wholesale importers and distributors mostly in the US and Canada.  Though a worldwide network of connections with manufacturers, militaries, ministries of defense and dealers, MCT Defense is constantly purchasing, dealing, brokering and selling goods to its clients around the world.  In recent years, mainly due to the Ukrainian-Russian war, military surplus depots have been rapidly decreasing their inventories as many European countries have supplied Ukraine with firearms, ammunition, armored vehicles, combat vests and helmets, and whatever other equipment can be of use against the Russian invading forces.  In addition, some European countries have passed laws in which their surplus firearms are being destroyed in order to decrease their worldwide spread due to illicit arms and having them ending-up in the hands of terrorists, criminal organizations and rogue or sanctioned states.  It is despite these difficulties that MCT Defense can constantly provide firearms and equipment to mainly the US and Canadian civilian markets.

Yugo M57 pistols - military surplus firearms

Yugo M57 pistols – military surplus firearms

Collecting military surplus firearms by shooting enthusiasts focuses mainly on arms manufactured from the beginning of the 20th century up to the 1990’s.  There are always the usual best sellers such as Mauser K98 rifles, AK47 rifles, SKS and Mosin Nagant rifles, Uzi sub-machine guns and Galils, Garand and M1 carbines, FN 35 high power and TT33 pistols and many many more.  It is searching and finding the opportunities to purchase inventories of these and other arms that is our specialty.  But it is not just finding these inventories but also delivering them to the clients on the other end that marks our success.  Knowing how to structure the deal, knowing what is importable and what isn’t to the end user country, getting the import and export licenses approved, arranging the logistics, and making sure all sides are happy, is what MCT Defense does on a constant basis.

If you are an FFL 08 or FFL 11 licensed importer, distributor or even a retailer, that is interested in getting highly saleable military surplus firearms and other gear, MCT Defense is your source for such goods.  We can help you have a variety of surplus guns that your clients will love to purchase and add to their collection.  Since we are well versed in the US and Canadian regulations, we are able to demil and make parts kits from full auto and other firearms that can’t be imported as-is complete.  In the US civilian market, military surplus parts kits are sold very well since many like to have do-it-yourself projects of purchasing parts kits, a new receiver and barrel, and making them into a new and complete shooting firearm that has a historic and collectible base.

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