Military surplus parts kits for the US civilian market and demiling firearms for the UK and some other European countries, are just some of the services and items

Uzi parts kits - folding stock

Uzi parts kits – folding stock

VZ61 Scorpion parts kits

VZ61 Scorpion parts kits

that MCT Defense can provide its worldwide clientele.  MCT Defense, together with the exporters and importers that we work with, are all well aware of the laws and regulations that many countries have in importing military surplus firearms and/or full auto firearms and/or “assault style” firearms.  These can include not only full auto firearms but also semi-auto rifles and sub-machine guns as well as handguns that are not importable as-is due to their size, weight, barrel length, magazine capacity and other restrictions.  In the US these regulations are the ATF Point System for Gun Importation, the 1986 Firearm Owners Protection Act banning the sale of full auto firearms such as machine guns and sub-machine guns to US civilians, and other laws as such as the Gun Control Act of 1968 regulating interstate commerce in firearms by generally prohibiting inter-state firearm transfers except by manufacturers, dealers and importers.  In other countries mostly in Europe, demilitarization is needed in order to import military style firearms by either making them non-firing weapons with only the cocking action as a moving part or a completely welded firearm making it non-functional.

Importing military surplus firearms into the US requires full auto and semi-auto “assault style” weapons or those that are specifically named in the banned list of weapons, to be cut into parts kits.  For rifles and sub-machine guns on this list, the receiver and barrel need to be torch cut in several places, making the firearm and totally non functional piece, which civilians can purchase and assemble as a working firearm after they get a new receiver and barrel.  The ATF has a clear definition of how to make firearms into parts kits under How To Properly Destroy Firearms for importation.

Over the years we have exported to the US and other countries the following firearms, either as military surplus parts kits or as complete firearms to be cut into parts kits in a free trade zone where it is permitted to do so:

Uzi parts kits

VZ61 Scorpion parts kits

Yugo M84 Scorpion parts kits

VZ58 rifle parts kits

Yugo M70 rifle parts kits

AK47/AKM parts kits

Yugo M49/57 parts kits

Yugo M56 parts kits

PPS-43 parts kits

PKM machine gun parts kits


If you are a fully licensed wholesale importer, distributor or retailer able to buy inventory in large quantities please contact us.

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