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MCT Defense Main Principles

As a company focusing on brokering, sourcing and procuring stocks for our clients worldwide we work by following these principles:


We hold our clients and our suppliers to world confidentiality practices to safeguard all parties.



Our word is our bond and we expect the same from our clients and suppliers.



We have gained vast experience in firearms, ammunition and equipment and we are always learning more.

Mayer Consulting & Trade – MCT Defense, is a trading company specializing in brokering, sourcing and procurement of new and military surplus firearms, ammunition and equipment on a wholesale level.  Our main clients are military surplus firearms wholesale distributors and importers mostly from the US, Canada and UK.  We sell directly to US FFL 08 and FFL 11 dealers mostly military surplus guns and ammunition but also equipment and accessories.  The new and military surplus ammunition that we offer is mostly directly from the manufacturers or reputable dealers that have them in stock, NATO and Russian calibers.  From WW1 firearms to the most modern weapons, MCT Defense can find and supply you with exactly what you are looking for and more through our worldwide network of manufacturers and long time dealers and wholesalers.  We are also suppliers to military surplus wholesalers of equipment for Army-Navy stores such as helmets, optics, bayonets, combat vests and more.