New and military surplus firearms revolvers, pistols, rifles, assault rifles, sniper rifles, sub machine guns, heavy machine guns and more.  From military surplus firearms considered curio and relic guns to the most modern weapons systems.  Weapon inventories ready for sale or new made to order for government and government sub-contractors, civilian wholesale importers and gun collectors.  New and military surplus firearms for sale in wholesale bulk large quantities.

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New 1911 Style Pistols In 0.45 ACP and 9×19 mm

Zastava M70B Rifles From Military Surplus

Beretta Model 71 0.22LR Pistols

Israeli Surplus Jericho Pistols

New European Bolt Action Rifles In 0.308 and 6.5 Creedmoor

New Production Firearms: Pistols and Rifles

Israeli M14 Sniper Rifle Parts

UK-59/VZ-59 Machine Guns

Yugoslavian Zastava SKS M59/66 PAP Rifles

AK Parts Kits – New Production

Uzi Sub-Machine Gun Folding Stock Model

Yugoslavian German K98 Mauser Rifles

Military Surplus AK Parts

New Turkish Bolt Action Rifles

Romanian PSL-54 Rifles with Scopes for Sale

Zastava M48 Rifles

Romanian PKM Machine Gun Model 66

Russian SKS Izhevsk Rifles

Star Model S Pistols With Airforce Markings

New Turkish Made Shotguns

Romanian Tokarev TTC Pistols By Cugir

Mosin Nagant Rifles For Sale With ATI Furniture

CZ Sa VZ 24/26 Sub-Machine Guns

Bernardelli Model 60 7.65MM (.32ACP)

Polish PPS-43 Sub-Machine Guns By Radom

Romanian WUM1 AK-47 Rifles By Ratmil

Bulgarian Makarov Pistols 9×18 For Sale

HS Springfield Armory XD Series Pistols

Yugoslavian Zastava M57 Pistols

Mosin Nagant M1891/30 Rifles