Clients & Suppliers

MCT Defense, as a licensed dealer and exporter approved by the Israel Ministry of Defense – Defense Export Controls Agency (DECA), can buy and sell only to and from entities that have the proper licenses to deal, sell, purchase, import and export military material which includes firearms, ammunition and equipment.  In addition, we can only have contact with governments, militaries and police departments, other security and defense entities, companies, contractors and sub-contractors, from countries that have diplomatic relations with the State of Israel, and of course are not under UN embargo or other sanctions and restrictions.  We can not deal with said entities in those countries even if the goods are not exported from Israel.
No sales of firearms and ammunition are possible to individuals, unless collectors of militaria antiques and collectibles.

Licenses & Documents Required

From most countries we require an approved International Import Certificate (IIC).  For US clients we require a BATF Form 6.  All clients must sign an End User Certificate (EUC).  All clients must be certified and approved by the relevant authorities in their country to deal and import firearms and other military grade material.  In the US an FFL 08 for example.  Before doing any work we require our clients to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and Non-Circumvention Agreement (NCA) so that all parties are covered since business practices and sources will be revealed to clients and suppliers.

Delivery Times

Delivery times depend on many factors but the major ones are:

  1. Are the goods in stock or need to be produced?
  2. Did the client get his import license and other needed document approved?
  3. Did the client send the first payment?
  4. Did the supplier get his export license approved?
  5. On average import licenses are approved within 30 working days, and export licenses are approved within 30-60 working days.  Time depends on the country and period (holidays, COVID-19 delays, elections, etc.)
  6. If the goods are new production, delivery also depends on the work load of the manufacturer.

Condition & Quality of the Goods

MCT Defense is a company that specializes in brokering, sourcing and procurement of stocks worldwide.  We can do so based on a unique network of quality and reliable manufacturers, Ministries of Defense agencies who are in charge of selling military surplus, other companies like us who act as dependable agents, and private companies that own their own stock.  These bodies work with us on a constant basis because they know that we “move stock” with reliable clients who pay what is needed and purchase in large quantities.  The info that our sources send us are as exact as possible so that we can relay to our clients the most accurate information regarding the goods for sale.  This info includes detailed photos and information such as condition, year of production, what is included with each unit, packing information and more.  In some cases we inspect the goods ourselves and relay the info directly to the client and in other cases we depend on our contact to send us this info.  The main point for us is that the client will know exactly what he is purchasing, thus avoiding bad surprises and other misinformation that can hurt our relationship and future business, for all parties.


  • Most deals are split into 50% on signing of contract and 50% when the supplier gets his export license approved.  Other payment divisions can be made on request depending on total order, quantities and other conditions.
  • Payment are done by bank wire transfer either in USD or Euros, depending on the request of the owner of the goods.
  • Goods are not shipped unless paid for 100% in advance.

Shipment of Goods

In most cases we prefer that the client takes care of all shipping and delivery requirements.  If the client can’t or doesn’t want to deal with the logistics of shipping these types of goods, which are not easy since highly regulated, we can refer the client to a logistics/shipping company that has experience in such matters or this can be handled by the supplier in most cases.