The Israeli Ministry of Defense is selling off a large quantity of its Airforce spare parts for the following platforms:

Surplus Aircraft Spare Parts:

F-16 Spare Parts Lot
F-15 Spare Parts Lot
A-4 Spare Parts Lot
F-4 Spare Parts Lot
Kfir Spare Parts Lot
CH-53 Spare Parts Lot
Boeing 707 Spare Parts Lot

Surplus Aircraft Engines:

PT6A – PJ0660
PT6A – 94450
PT6A – 94409
PT6A – PJ0627
Garret TFW-731 – P77216
Garret TFW-731 – P77141C
Garret TFW-731 – P77145
Garret TFW-731 – P77103
F100 – PW-E711951
F100 – PW-E711992
F100 – PW-E711970
F100 – PW-E721717
F100 – PW-E721728
F100 – PW-E718837/1
F100 – PW-E711966

Participation will be through MCT Defense (or any other local Israeli company approved as an exporter and dealer by the Israel Ministry of Defense).  A full list of the parts for each lot is available as well as all other necessary information for participating in this tender.  A confirmation that we (MCT Defense) will be your exclusive representative/agent dealing with this project and a signed NDA is a requirement for proceeding.  This is a great opportunity for military aircraft MRO’s (maintenance-repair-overhaul) companies to stock up on large quantities of military aircraft spare parts.  Please contact us if interested in military surplus aircraft spare parts.

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