Israeli military surplus equipment and gear is supplied by MCT Defense on a constant basis to our worldwide clientele. mostly to the US, Canada and Europe, to surplus wholesalers, Army-Navy stores, preppers and others.  Israeli military surplus items are in very high demand, especially the famous Israeli military M15 gas masks, Israeli army blankets, combat vests and webbing, rifles slings and other military surplus gun parts.

The Israel Ministry of Defense sells off its excess or older items to licensed dealers that are permitted to enter certain military bases to view the items that are for sale, participate in tenders and export items to worldwide markets.  The military surplus items that are for sale are from all branches of the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) and sometimes also from other defense and security agencies such as the Israel Homeland Security Agency, Israel Police and others.  One of the most popular item exported worldwide and most sought after is the Israeli M15 gas mask since it is made according to very high standard MIL-SPEC requirements, combat tested and with the unique triangular lenses which allow the wearer to aim and shoot comfortably.

Other Israeli military surplus equipment and gear items that MCT Defense exports are combat vests and webbings in different models and eras, surplus rifle slings and of new production, a wide variety of optics and other personal gear.  From time to time a batch of military surplus bayonets may come up for sale, those are mostly US M7 bayonets used on the M16 rifles and are no longer in use except for ceremonies.

With all that said, MCT Defense is best known as an exporter of military surplus firearms, Israeli and others, to mainly the US civilian market.  Uzis sub-machine guns in different models, Galil rifles, Jericho pistols, a variety of gun parts and accessories, optics and more, are just some of the items that we export on a regular basis.  From our sources in Europe we export AK rifles and parts, VZ61 Scorpion sub-machine guns, a large variety of pistols, optics, bayonets, magazines and others, also on a regular basis mostly to the US and Canada civilian markets.

If you are a wholesale importer of surplus items, an owner of an Army-Navy store, a prepper business purchasing in large quantities or a similar business, we welcome you to contact us so that you can purchase Israeli military surplus as close to the source as possible.

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