MCT Defense is a major exporter of military surplus firearms to mostly wholesale importers and distributors who purchase in large quantities.  Retailers in the gun industry can also benefit from our services as we can supply them with new production firearms direct from the manufacturers and military surplus/used firearms that are importable to that country.  Retailers that are not licensed importers we refer to importers that are our clients and business associates so that they can enjoy our services and the goods we may provide.  Retail military surplus firearms and ammunition gun shops are the end of the chain of where the items end up from the start of getting them out of military surplus depots, exporting, importing, distributing and trucking them to the gun shop.  MCT Defense is your point of contact for sourcing, purchasing, selling, dealing, exporting new and military surplus firearms from around the world.  Through our years of experience in the gun industry we know what items are importable to your country as well as what items will be a fast sellers such as parts kits, bolt action rifles, pistols, bayonets, optics and even hard to find collectible militaria items.  Retail military surplus firearms, ammunition and other military related items directly from the sources, providing you a wide variety of items on a constant basis.

MCT Defense through its network of worldwide sources and our own inventory, provides wholesale importers, distributors and retailers, a steady stream of new and military surplus firearms and related equipment that your clients will love.  Retail gun shops can also benefit by purchasing from us military surplus and new rifle optics, holsters, rifle slings, pouches, helmets, combat vests, MIL-SPEC glow sticks, bayonets, gun magazines and many more.

The new and military surplus ammunition that we can provide ranges from NATO calibers to Russian calibers, mostly from pistols, revolvers,  semi-auto and full auto rifles, sub-machine guns and up to heavy machine guns.  We usually deal in a minimum of a 20ft. container full for these items, shipped by sea to the closest port to you and the easiest to clear customs.  Our close relationships with various logistics companies and customs brokers ensure that you will get your goods in a safe manner from various worldwide locations.  For a retailer gun shop that is unable to import or doesn’t have the experience to do so, the services that we provide offer peace-of-mind that the goods that you will purchase are in good hands and under control, and will reach you as quickly and safely as possible.

Military surplus Romanian AK wood stock rifles

Military surplus Romanian AK wood stock rifles

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