MCT Defense has rapidly become one of the major brokering companies specializing in locating, sourcing, buying, selling and exporting new and military surplus guns to the civilian markets in the US, Canada and various European countries, as well as ammunition and accessories.  The US is known worldwide for the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution stating “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”  There have been many interpretations over the years in the US whether the founding fathers meant that people that are part of a regulated militia should have the right to bear arms or regular citizens have the right to bear arms.  In any case, gun ownership in the USA is the highest in the world and some publications state that about 50% of all world weapons are in the US, from antique arms to the most modern.  Since owning a firearm in the US is relatively easy for a citizen with some minimal limitations, such as being a felon or suffering from mental illness, gun collectors are not limited to the number of firearms they can own, making the US the #1 destination for most military surplus guns in the world.

In order to supply the steady demand of firearms to collectors, MCT Defense is on a constant lookout for mostly military surplus firearms for sale by the sources or owners of these inventories, mostly government owned entities that store their outdated weapons for sale.  We travel the world in inspecting military surplus guns, from AK47s to Mauser rifles, UZis, Galils and a wide variety of other collectible weapons such as revolvers, pistols, sub-machine guns, machine guns, assault rifles and also accessories such as optics, bayonets, helmets, combat vests and webbing, and whatever else can be sold to collectors worldwide.  We sell the or broker deals for the items that we locate to licensed importers that can purchase in wholesale large quantities and who either distribute these goods to their network and/or sell the products to the end user gun collector.  Either way, we make every effort to get our clients that best prices possible for the goods that they are interested in.

Our many years in the business make the process of importing firearms and military equipment very professional and streamlined so that our clients know exactly what is needed from them and what is expected from the supplier.  We also help our clients if they have questions about the importing process, the forms that are needed to be filled out and signed, shipping and transport of the goods, and any other issue that we can assist in to the best of our abilities.

Our sources, which are government controlled surplus depots or large gun dealers and military equipment owners, inform us on a constant basis of inventories that are available for sale.  In turn we ask all of the right questions so that our clients get as much information as possible so as to make an educated decision about the purchase of those goods.  We do not like surprises and so the more info we gather the less the possibility of an unpleasant situation for us and our clients.

From military surplus AK parts to new production 9×19 ammunition we can provide many sought after products from the most well known manufacturers and dealers in the world.  We pride ourselves in being honest, professional and most of all confidential, striving to have long term, prosperous and enjoyable business relationships with our clients.  We love what we do and we plan to keep being active in this business for a long time, surrounding ourselves with dependable suppliers, shippers and most of all clients.

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