Gun wholesalers are on a constant hunt for the best deals from gun suppliers or brokers such as us at MCT Defense.  These wholesale guns and firearms companies, who sometimes are also gun importers, are looking for the best price and most quantity so that the shipping, taxes, fees and other costs will be spread out on as many items as possible.  But finding wholesale firearms in large quantities and in stock is no easy task.  Not only do you need to make sure that the goods are actually in existence but you also need to make sure who you are buying these goods from.  Every gun wholesaler and importer who have been in the firearms business for a long enough time can tell you horror stories of brokers or so called companies that vanished as soon as money was sent.  It is essential in our business to trust all parties that are involved in any deal, and make sure that they are experienced in all that is involved in the export-import process.  It is one thing to agree on the prices for the firearms for sale, it is another thing to get them exported from the country of origin and have them successfully imported into the country of destination.  Mistakes in filling out export licenses can lead to delays, while mistakes in filling out the import licenses and having a mismatch between the items in the import license and the items that arrived, can lead to their confiscation and in some cases their destruction by customs authorities, leading to massive loses in money and also a bad reputation for the importing company as one that doesn’t know what they are doing or as a company that is trying to fraud the authorities.  Importing firearms and military equipment is not an easy process, it requires knowledge, the right contacts and a lot of patience since the authorities involved in approving the import and export licenses are not always swift or care to be client friendly.

Wholesale Guns & Firearms - Yugo SKS M59/66 Rifles

Wholesale Guns & Firearms – Yugo SKS M59/66 Rifles

MCT Defense prides itself in being honest, discreet and professional with every single one of its clients and suppliers worldwide.  We believe that honesty is always the best policy and that professionalism, our years of knowledge in the gun business, allow us to advise our clients on what is importable or not, advise our suppliers of certain clients that are good to their word or are a waste of time or worse.  These all are worth a lot of money since we save our clients and suppliers bad experiences that can amount to a significant lose of funds or troubles with the relevant authorities.

Wholesale Guns & Firearms - FN High Power HP35 Pistols

Wholesale Guns & Firearms – FN High Power HP35 Pistols

What do we offer wholesale guns and firearms importers and distributors?  We try to offer the best deals in new and military surplus firearms, ammunition and equipment from around the world.  Our clients get informed of the latest goods available by signing up to our newsletter where they can view AKM parts kits, VZ61 Skorpion SMGs, Uzi folding stock SMGs, new and military surplus ammunition, new bolt action rifles and new shotguns, AR15 parts, MIL-SPEC glow sticks and many more.

Wholesale Guns & Firearms - CZ 83 pistols

Wholesale Guns & Firearms – CZ 83 pistols


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