MCT Defense besides being a supplier of military surplus firearms and ammunition, is also a supplier of equipment, gear and accessories that eventually are purchased by collectors, re-enactors and other users in their local Army-Navy store or online retailer.

Military surplus supplies change constantly.  We can currently offer the following items:

US GI M16 clamp bipods – 190 pieces

Kahles/Photonic ZF95 6×42 rifles scopes – 48 pieces

Leapers UTG model LT-TL101 tactical flashlight with mount and cable – 50 pieces

Ortech tactical flashlights with mounts and PTT wires – 295 pieces

Israeli military surplus M15 gas masks with filters and drinking tubes – 1000+ pieces

Israeli military surplus army blankets – 1000+

Original WW2 M2 tripods for M1919 with pintle and t&e from Israeli military surplus – 10 pieces

New production official Israeli military rifles slings in black and olive drab – 3000 pieces min. order

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