Ministry of Defense Surplus Material

Ministry of Defense surplus material or MoD surplus for sale are how modern militaries get rid of their unusable or unwanted equipment.  Most modern militaries around the world manage their excess inventories and obsolete material or emergency items, in storage facilities where they are stored for use in war, disaster, destruction or sale.  The manpower, logistics and budgets that are needed to keep these items can be significant.  In order to decrease governmental expenditure and increase funds, many ministries of defense decide to sell their military surplus equipment through tenders that local and international approved dealers can bid on and purchase a wide variety of products.  From old gas mask, army blankets, armored vehicles and tactical helmets to an assortment of firearms and more, all of these and more can be purchased by dealers from military surplus tenders around the word.  The benefits of MoD surplus for sale are that those militaries rid themselves of many items that fill up their storage and put a strain on their logistics, and dealers get a chance to purchase items in large quantities and in very competitive prices.

Ministry of Defense surplus material such as firearms, ammunition, armored vehicles, camouflage nets, helmets and combat vests, sleeping bags, uniforms and many other items, all can be purchased either directly or though a tender by the ministry of defense or other government surplus selling authority, depending on the regulations of the country.  In some cases these sales are of military land that the government wishes to sell so that it will be available for civilian uses.  Since the military is usually one of the largest authorities in terms of employment and property ownership, the budgets that it needs to manage them are extremely large.  The sale of military surplus equipment adds funds to the budget while freeing up resources.  It is a win for the tax payers, a win for the dealers that have a chance to purchase items in large volumes and a win for the military.

Government surplus auctions can include anything from armored cars and trucks, battle tanks and tractors, electronic systems, artillery guns, soldier field gear and many more.  Each of these has a potential buyer.  There are some governments that do not sell any offensive items to the public such as firearms, ammunition and other such equipment.  Those governments either choose to destroy these stockpiles or transfer them to an allied government.  They don’t sell them to civilians since they don’t have the capability to track them in the civilian market and make sure that they don’t end up in the wrong hands of criminals, terrorist organizations or any other unauthorized entities.

MCT Defense participates in such military surplus sales and purchases in large volumes items such as: gas masks, a wide variety of firearms and ammunition in different calibers, army blankets, helmets and combat vests, bayonets, gun magazines and many other items that end up in the civilian collectors markets around the world.  Most of the military surplus firearms that we sell are either purchased by us through tenders or from dealers that purchase from tenders, insuring that our clients get a large volume to choose from and in competitive prices.  In recent years military surplus equipment has been harder to find and purchase since governments, especially in Europe, transferred most of their inventories to aid Ukraine.  This has not only caused a scarcity but also an increase in prices for all parties involved.  Items that were once readily available for sale and in large quantities such as AK rifles and magazines or other Soviet style firearms that were produced in the tens and hundreds of millions of pieces, have become harder to find since so many were transported as foreign military support or throughout the years have been sold or destroyed.  It is our specialty to find the sources that still have these items available for sale.

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