MCT Defense provides new and military surplus firearms, ammunition and equipment from reliable sources worldwide.  Below are the inventories currently available for sale unless written otherwise.  Sales are to licensed importers, distributors and dealers only who purchase goods in bulk large quantities.  We export worldwide from a variety of countries directly to you.

We specialize in: new and military surplus firearms, new and military surplus ammunition, new and military surplus equipment .

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Milsurp Gun Parts & Accessories

IMI Galil 35 Round Steel Magazines From Israeli Military Surplus

UK-59/VZ-59 Machine Guns

Military Surplus Gun Parts & Accessories

Yugoslavian Military Surplus M67 7.62×39 SKS Stripper Clips Ammunition

Official IDF Israeli Military Rifle Slings

Yugoslavian Zastava SKS M59/66 PAP Rifles

AK Parts Kits – New Production

Uzi Sub-Machine Gun Folding Stock Model

Yugoslavian German K98 Mauser Rifles

Russian Izhmash AK Magazines

Yugoslavian Military Surplus AK Magazines

Military Surplus AK Parts

New Turkish Bolt Action Rifles

AK Bakelite Magazines in 7.62×39 and 5.45×39

Romanian PSL-54 Rifles with Scopes for Sale

M109 155mm Self-Propelled Howitzers For Sale

Military Surplus Aircraft & Spare Parts For Sale

Military Surplus Equipment And Gear For Sale

Zastava M48 Rifles

Ukrainian AK Steel Magazines 7.62×39 and 5.45×39

German Blank and Training Ammo 0.308 DAG

Yugoslavian M57 Flare Gun

Combar – All-In-One Survival Tool

Bulgarian SPSH-44 Flare Gun Pistols With Holsters

Romanian PKM Machine Gun Model 66

Russian SKS Izhevsk Rifles

Machine Gun Belt Links For Ammunition

Star Model S Pistols With Airforce Markings

New Turkish Made Shotguns