Emergency and Disaster Equipment For First Responders and Aid Organizations

In the last decade, more than 2.6 billion people have been affected by natural phenomena such as earthquakes, tsunamis, landslides, cyclones, heat waves, severe cold weather and floods. These disasters lead to mass casualties such as blunt trauma, crush-related injuries, drowning, spread of diseases and toxic contamination spills that in most cases overwhelmed local medical and government agencies’ resources and prevented them from delivering much needed aid to those hurt.  Reliable and high quality emergency and disaster equipment is needed in order to provide assistance in such cases.

MCT Defense with its business relationships with top manufacturers in this field, can offer comprehensive solutions to emergency and disaster agencies and organizations from arounds the world.  The following is just a sample of the emergency and disaster equipment that we can provide to help communities in a humanitarian crisis:

  1. Steel beds and emergency cots – used in mass shelters, field hospitals, barracks and others.
  2. Emergency blankets – new production or military surplus, made of wool and synthetic mix, thick and warm.
  3. Gas masks with filters and drinking tubes – new production or surplus gas masks for emergency crews who need protection from nuclear, biological and chemical agents.  Available for civilians as well, in sizes and models for infants, children to adults.
  4. Stand-alone water generation – production of drinking water from humidity in the air with no infrastructure.  a perfect solution to places in need of safe and clean drinking water, from mass shelters and displaced people camps to military bases and field hospitals and other humanitarian aid centers.
  5. MREs – meals ready to eat in a variety of menus and styles such as vegetarian, kosher, halal.  MREs can also come with a self heating option.
  6. First Aid Kits – from basic first aid kits to professional kits for field surgery, tactical and medics, emergency responders and others.
  7. Large emergency shelters and hangers – made of easy and fast to assemble materials, some of these can be easily inflateable and constructed in minutes.  From smaller tents and shelters for medical first aid to large field hospitals and hangers for people to sleep and live in temporarily.
  8. Long lasting lights sticks – glow sticks made in MIL-SPEC in a variety of colors and models for a variety of lighting purposes in any environment where stick lights are needed.


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